Helicopter and backcountry skiing in Kittelfjäll has a long history and is renowned far and wide. With over 40 peaks bearing virgin snow and endless terrain, it is the perfect location to experience Sweden’s Premiere Heliski.

I have enjoyed Heliski in Europe but this surpassed all my expectations. The choice of terrain and relaxed atmosphere allowed me to truly enjoy my experience.
— Scott Martin, South Africa

Our Location

We believe Kittelfjall is the epicentre of Heliski in Sweden. The range and proximity of accessible terrain, paired with the abundant peaks and consistent snowpack, facilitate our low prices and high adventure. It’s simple. We are so close to the action we can make it affordable!

We land on the open peaks in the high alpine with the choice of ski terrain in every direction. With our limitless terrain you can cruise turns on the open faces, shred the powder bowls, and rip turns on the open fields surrounded by awe-inspiring landscape. For tree ski lovers we also have the option to spend time cruising in the forest of Daunafjall where the deep snow lies protected from the elements.

If the weather is unsettled in one area or the snow has accumulated more in another we have the ability to choose.

The landscape, the snow conditions, the people, the experience…worth every penny!
— Teemu Hostika-Finland


Getting out into the mountains is what every skier/snowboarder dreams of and HeliNord makes it easy.

We have different programs to fit your needs. Whether you want to experience a first time Heliski adventure or go all in for a full day of Heliski action we have you covered. We can accommodate skiers/boarders of most ability levels and have guides that can ski and snowboard. Our small groups of only 4 or 5 guests and guide per group create the experience you want.

The Hospitality and Experience

We are not afraid to say that we are Sweden’s best. It's not just about the 30 years of operational experience but rather the ability to show you a good time. Come see for yourself!

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