Helicopter and backcountry skiing in Kittelfjäll has a long history and is renowned far and wide. With over 40 peaks bearing virgin snow and endless terrain, it is the perfect location to experience Sweden’s Premiere Heliski.

A few answers to your questions. Feel free to contact us with more!

Q: Where is HeliNord located?

HeliNord is located in Kittelfjall, Västerbotten, Sweden. Kittelfjall is located xxx kms north west of Vilhelmina,  etc etc etc…This is our location for heliskiing immersed within xxxxx hectars of terrain. 

Check Out Location –(place google map)

Q: Do you offer group discounts?

Yes. For every 9 people reserved on the same package, the 10th heliski package is free.

Q: How are the groups chosen?

Groups are chosen by weight, and ability/skiing style preference. We always try to keep groups that are on holiday together, skiing or riding together. 

Q: Are skis included with my Heliski package?

No. However we do have limited numbers of demo skis from Fat-Ypus.  Also avalanche transceivers and other safety gear is provided. 

Q: Do you mix skiers with snowboarders?

Yes, we mix groups. If there are problems with group chemistry, the guide will make the necessary changes, but we generally find that once on the mountain, everyone gets along and enjoys their turns. 

Q: Are my skis OK?

Are they? Please ensure that your equipment is in functioning order. In the event of breakage we will not return to the base to collect a new pair. Our Heli base does have a small selection of tools. 

You may also want consider utilizing a pair of all-mountain skis. It makes life much easier and enjoyable in the powder.

Q: When are the best conditions?

That is the question of all questions. The weather is slightly different every year and dreamlike skiing/boarding conditions can be requested but not guaranteed. 

In general, Mother Nature treats us quite well in Kittelfjall. The weather comes from different directions throughout the season and with the ability to choose lines on numerous mountains and multiple directions from each peak, we can always find quality turns.

Late December and January are normally colder and the days shorter than later in the season, but the snow often falls in large quantities. If you have yet to heliski during the early season, consider it a must. When the snow falls it is typically Champaign Powder, providing us with excellent open bowl turns and epic tree skiing in the lower elevations.

February through March has historically been the most popular time for heliski and generally should be booked in advance to secure your space. Days become longer, the weather tends to stabilize still with regular snowstorms passing through and vacation times begin for all of Sweden

March and late April offers conditions, which have often been under-rated. When the resort has been skied up and the lift lines start getting longer the higher elevations often receive overnight dustings of snow and pockets of untouched snow still exist. Experience long days, no lines AND still be skiing powder. 

Q: How much vertical do you ski/board?

The vertical you ski is dependant on the package you book and the locations we fly. Here is what you can expect:

Vertical Meters

Average Run: 800

Maximum Run: 1200

The amount of skiing is determined by several factors:

  • ability and desire to ski/package you book

  • weather and snow conditions

  • available daylight hours

Q: How good do I have to be?

We generally grouped Heli-skiers and heli-boarders by ability level. The runs and locations for your Heliski adventure are chosen to suit the general ability of the group, snow conditions, and weather. If desired, your personal guide can offer instructional tips and advice for skiing powder. Rate your level of experience from the categories below:

Beginner/Intermediate Heli Skier/Boarder
You are reasonably fit and ski intermediate slopes with confidence. You have no off piste (ungroomed) powder or tree skiing experience but are enthusiastic.

If it is your first time, let us know if you have any questions. You are going to love it!

*Try our 1-2 summit Daily Tours Program.

Advanced Heli Skier/Boarder
You are physically fit and have some off piste powder and tree skiing experience. You can ski most types of downhill runs at your own pace. 

Maybe you have minimal touring experience?

*Try our 3 summit Daily Tours Program or our VIP Elite 5 Summits.

Expert Heli Skier/Boarder
You are in top physical shape and have experience skiing off piste in powder and can ski all types of downhill ski runs including trees, moguls and steep pitches with confidence. 

You have minimal touring experience and maybe have been HeliSkiing before?

*Try our 5 Summits VIP Elite Program or you should probably consider our VIP Powder Program!

Q: Can I bring my own avalanche safety equipment?

All guests will be provided with a backpack including transceiver, probe, and shovel. You are welcome to utilize your own equipment, but will need to ensure that your guide is familiar with it. If you have never used a transceiver before your guide and or HeliNord staff can review how to use the device. 

Q: How long does the trip take?

Groups will complete their safety talks immediately after registration. Afterwards the groups will fly directly from the HeliNord base to the local peaks. A typical 3 summit package takes about 2-2.5 hours.




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